Our Menu



Crispy Garlic or Herb Bread 6

Chips with tomato sauce 8                                                                                                                                         

Bruschetta 15
Four Slice of toasted Turkish bread  topped with fresh, tomatoes, fresh basil, onion and olive oil

Cheese and Spinach Cigars 12
Pan fried four Cheese and spinach cigars served with garlic yogurt

Soup of The Day (Please ask staff) 12
served with fresh Turkish bread  (red lentil / mix seafood / tomato&basil / chicken / traditional yogurt)

Crumbed Halloumi Cheese 12
Delicious deep fried four halloumi cheese drizzled with pomegranate reduction

Hummus from Oven 12
Hummus in clay pot from the oven with melted cheese drizzled with red paprika mint olive oil served with homemade bread

Eggplant Tapas 12
Marinated eggplant salad with onion, capsicum, garlic and a touch of vinegar

Mix Dips 16
Four homemade delicious dips served with freshly made bread (babaganush, hummus, parsley and carrot)

Vegetarian Vine Leaves 12
Four Vine leaves stuffed with flavoured rice cooked in olive oil

Red Capsicum Tapenade 12
Smoke red capsicum and walnut tapenade, served with Turkish bread

Zucchini delight 10
Zucchini patties served with garlic yogurt dip (4 pieces)

Meatballs 15
Traditional grandmother’s recipe served in a casserole with Napolitano sauce and side bread

Tapenade Italiana 15
Olive and red pepper tapenade based on two slice bread, served with bocconcini mozzarella and a touch of vinegar

Caprese 16
Sliced bocconcini with fresh tomato, basil leaves and olive

Calamari Prawns  18
Fresh calamari and prawns dusted in flour and shallow–fried served with side salad and aioli

Fresh Salads

Traditional Greek   16.9
Homemade balsamic and olive oil dressing

Chicken Caesar 16.9
Grilled chicken breast, cos lettuce, egg, herb croutons, parmesan cheese with Caesar dressing

Rocket and Pear Salad 16.9
Rocket, pear, parmesan cheese and walnut


Pollo al Limone 28

Marinated grilled chicken breast with two prawns served on roast potato and vegetables topped with creamy lemon sauce

Pollo ai Funghi 26
Marinated grilled chicken breast in creamy mushroom sauce served on vegetables and oven roast potato

Veal Parmigiana
Veal medallions layered with grilled slice eggplant, melted cheese, garlic Napoli sauce served on seasonal vegetables and oven roast potato

Lamb Iskender 25
Spiced thin slices of smoked meat served on toasted cubed bread topped

Lamb on Babaganush
Smoky eggplant puree topped with pan fried spiced lamb

Lamb Shanks
Slowly cooked Lamb shanks served on mash and veggie topped with its own juice

Filetto di Manzo
Prim Grain – Fed of Beef (350gr) Rib eye grilled to your own liking served on mash and steamed vegetables with demi glaze juice

Skewers on Charcoal

Lamb Skewer     (Single 21 / double 29)
Marinated tender lamb blackstrap cubed cooked on charcoal served with traditional rice,  side salad and yogurt garlic dip

Chicken Skewer    (Single 19 / double 27)
Spiced tender chicken cubed  cooked on charcoal served with traditional rice, side salad and yogurt garlic dip

Adana Skewer   (Single 19 / double 27)
Spiced and marinated tender lamb mince cooked on charcoal served with traditional rice, side salad and yogurt garlic dip

Kofte Plate  23
Spiced tender lamb beef mince skewer with garden salad, rice, garlic yogurt dip and homemade Turkish bread

Mix Souvlaki Platter  42
Lamb, Chicken, Adana  served with traditional rice and side salad and yogurt garlic dip and homemade Turkish bread



Garlic King Prawns 19
Casseroled king prawns drizzled and fried in garlic cherry tomato sauce served with homemade Turkish bread

Ocean Italiana 24
Delicious traditional stew cooked in a pot tossed with its own juice served with homemade bread

Barramundi 30
Crispy skinned fillet Barramundi in olive caper lemon juice served on potato mash and steamed vegetables

Seafood Platter 49
Grilled fillet crispy skinned barramundi on beer battered chips shallow fried calamari, grilled king prawn skewer mussels in cherry tomato sauce, served with leave salad and side aioli



Vegetarian Stew 19 V
Delicious traditional stew cooked in a pot tossed with its own juice served with homemade bread

Vegetarian Parmigiana 19 V
Layers of grilled slice eggplant, zucchini, and carrot finished in oven with bocconcini and garlic Napoli sauce served on oven roast potato and steamed vegetable

Stuffed Eggplant 20 V
Eggplant stuffed w amazing flavour of caramelized onion, tomatoes and garlic drizzled w homemade red sauce served w traditional rice and yogurt

Falafel Plate 18 V
Perfectly crispy five piece falafel bursting with rich smooth flavour served with side salad and hummus drizzled with lemon tahini sauce



Fettuccini Primavera 20
Mix vegetables, porcini mushrooms, cherry tomato, garlic in dry white wine

Fettuccini Salmon 22
Fettuccini with pieces of Atlantic salmon, herbs, red onion in lemon cream

Spaghetti Bolognaise 16
Italian fettuccini in Bolognaise sauce

Linguini Scallops 23
Linguini with prawns, zucchini in light bisque stock

Penne al Pollo 21
with pieces of chicken through porcini mushrooms, semidried tomato with cream sauce

Ravioli Spinach and Ricotta 19
in cherry tomato sauce

Porcini Mushroom with a touch of cream 19
Boneless lamb shank pieces with porcini mushrooms in lamb juice 21

Pesto in cream sauce 18
Gorgonzola (blue cheese) with walnuts and a touch of cream 21

 Beef Lasagne 17.5
Homemade lasagne served with side salad



Turkish Pide

Garlic and Cheese Pide 11
Turkish pide with garlic and cheese

Turkish Pastrami Pide 18
Cheese and egg

Spinach Pide 16
Tomato, onion and cheese

Chicken Supreme Pide 17
Marinated chicken, mushrooms, spinach

Vegetarian Supreme Pide 17  
Eggplant, mushroom, capsicum, onion, tomato,  spinach and cheese

Diced Meat Pide 18
Small cube of meat marinated, diced pepper, tomato and onions with capsicum paste

Minced Pide 18
Ground meat marinated with traditional herbs finely chopped onions pepper and tomato



Margarita  14
Fresh cut tomato, oregano garlic and cheese

Vegetarian 17
Capsicum, onion, mushroom, pineapple, olives and cheese

BBQ Chicken 20
Roast Chicken, mushroom, onion and BBQ sauce

Bocconcini Chicken 20
Roast Chicken, pesto, avocado with fresh rocket

Morocco Lamb 20
Lamb, onion, fresh tomato served with baby spinach mint yogurt dip

Bolognaise 17
Traditional bolognaise with Napolitano Sauce & cheese

Sicilian Bruschetta 18
Pizza base topped with fresh tomatoes, basil, onion and sprinkled with feta

Meat Lovers 20
Lamb, beef, Turkish pastrami, Turkish sausage, onion and tomato

Supreme 22
Ham, cabanossi, pepperoni, bacon, capsicum, onion, mushroom, pineapple, olives, oregano garlic & cheese

Marinara 22
Mix Seafood

* Gluten Free pizza extra $4

** Public holiday $2pp surcharge